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    “Thanks, Bonnie.”

    She nodded, then she looked at the tall girl carrying her and jerked her chin back the way they’d come.

    As they turned, I saw a tear escape the corner of her eye. The wolves backed away from us, too.

    I hoped it wasn’t the last time I would see Bonnie. I hoped that when Jules was in on the secret, I would be allowed to see her, too. Or at least talk to her again. I hoped that maybe someday the wolves would see that the Cullens were heroes, too.

    Bonnie’s car drove away. The wolves melted into the trees. I waited until Edythe was done listening to their departure.

    “Tell me everything,” I said.

    She smiled. “I will when we get home—so I don’t have to repeat all of it. There was a lot.” She shook her head, like she was amazed.

    We started running. Not so fast as before.

    “Huh. Actual werewolves. This world is even weirder than I thought,” I said.

    “Agreed,” Edythe said.

    “That’s right—you thought there weren’t werewolves here anymore. That must have been kind of a shock.”

    “They weren’t the most shocking thing I saw tonight.”

    I looked at her, then at Carine. Carine smiled like she was in on some joke.

    “I mean, I knew you were special, Beau, but that was something else back there. Jessamine’s not going to believe it.”

    “Oh. But…” I stared at her. “You said you knew I could do this.”

    She dimpled. “Well, I was pretty sure the wind would hold steady.”

    Carine laughed, then she exchanged a glance with Edythe. She sped up as Edythe slowed. In a second, we were alone.

    I kept pace with Edythe, and stopped when she stopped. She put her hands on either side of my face.

    “It’s been a long day. A hard one. But I want you to know that you’re extraordinary, and I love you.”

    I pulled her tight against me. “I can handle anything as long as you’re with me.”

    She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Then here I will stay.”

    “Forever,” I said.

    “Forever,” she agreed.

    I leaned down until my lips found hers.

    Forever was going to be amazing.

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