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    My eyes widen as I realize how I can get exactly what I want. We stop in the middle of the field and I turn to him. “Kiss me. Not just a peck. The real deal.”

    Ryan glances around at the bleachers full of hundreds of people. “Excuse me?”

    “I, Beth Risk, do double dog dare you to kiss me in front of all these people.”

    Ryan’s eyes brighten and the arrogant smile that makes my heart trip over itself spreads across his face. “Are you forgetting dare etiquette? You have to dare before you can double dog dare.”

    I roll my eyes. “Fine. I dare you to kiss me.”

    “And if I do?”

    “If I win homecoming, which I won’t, I’ll wear that damn tiara for a week straight.”

    He cradles my face with both his hands. His lips whisper against mine and I ache for him to kiss me. My mind whines that he won’t do it, but then he nibbles on my lower lip. His mouth parts and the two of us move our lips hungrily in time with one another.

    In between gasps of air our names are called as the winners. I feel Ryan’s lips tug into a smile before he says one word: “Can.”

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