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    Sophronia added, “Once Soap’s safely loaner status, and I’ve served out my indenture to you, we shall run around having adventures overseas and contribute to Her Majesty’s cause in an entirely unnoticed way. It will be delightful.”

    Soap lifted and kissed her hand in turn. “It will, won’t it?”

    The dewan sniffed. They were prone to shocking the old wolf. “Young people these days. Incorrigible.” He stood and left the dining table in pursuit of less modern sensibilities.

    Sophronia and Soap turned their chairs to face one another. Sophronia put both her hands on Soap’s thighs, warm and hard under her palms. She leaned forward to kiss him. She liked it so much, and got to do it so often, she was becoming quite brazen about taking advantage of his proximity. No wonder the dewan was shocked.

    “I’ve been thinking about endearments.” Sophronia looked serious. “I have settled on popsey.”

    Soap was surprised into laughter. He scooped her up and settled her into his lap. “Oh, have you, indeed?”

    “Yes, and you shall endure it manfully.”

    “If that’s the worst I have to suffer from you, my heart, I’m grateful for it.” Soap nuzzled her gently.

    Sophronia quite agreed. But then Soap was sensible like that.

    The End

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