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    Vincent Boys
    The Vincent Boys(Vincent Boys, book 1)
    The Vincent Brothers(Vincent Boys, book 2)
    Rosemary Beach
    Fallen Too Far(Rosemary Beach, book 1)
    Never Too Far(Rosemary Beach, book 2)
    Forever Too Far(Rosemary Beach, book 3)
    Rush Too Far(Rosemary Beach, book 4)
    Twisted Perfection(Rosemary Beach, book 5)
    Simple Perfection(Rosemary Beach, book 6)
    Take a Chance(Rosemary Beach, book 7)
    One More Chance(Rosemary Beach, book 8)
    You Were Mine(Rosemary Beach, book 9)
    Kiro's Emily(Rosemary Beach, book 10)
    When I'm Gone(Rosemary Beach, book 11)
    When You're Back(Rosemary Beach, book 12)
    Sea Breeze
    Breathe(Sea Breeze, book 1)
    Because of Low(Sea Breeze, book 2)
    While It Lasts(Sea Breeze, book 3)
    Just For Now(Sea Breeze, book 4)
    Sometimes It Lasts(Sea Breeze, book 5)
    Misbehaving(Sea Breeze, book 6)
    Bad for You(Sea Breeze, book 7)
    Hold on Tight(Sea Breeze, book 8)
    Until the End(Sea Breeze, book 9)
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